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Конкурс стихов "Victory Day"
Конкурс стихов "Victory Day"
КГУ ШГ  № 78 Ученик 5а класса- Волков Лев –автор  стихотворения    " Remember !"" Помните !" Учитель   Испанкулова Лайла Джумабековна Remember ! We know about war from the stories, And the old films of the war years. But even so we were scary, For people who fought for many years. We live in a peaceful world, And there is no trouble in the world.  And it must always to be so, And protect children from harm as well !   Ученица 5 «Б» класса – Юн Элина- переводчица стихотворения «День Победы»